Easter traditions in Canada

With the coming of the festival, the Canadian streets and shops can be seen flooded with a variety of Easter goodies and elements. The state landmarks are illuminated with bright and colorful lights days before Easter Sunday. Most of the businesses, government offices, banks and liquor stores are shut down on Easter. The holy occasion is a day for attending religious services in churches, meeting together for family gatherings, decorating Easter eggs and organizing Easter egg hunts. They get busy in decorating Easter eggs and organizing various Easter craft contests.

The main event of Easter Sunday in Canada is the Bal en Blanc, a huge rave party, that is hosted every year in Montreal, thereby attracting thousands of partygoers. Another major Easter festivity in Canada is the Winter Carnival that is held in the Quebec City. The carnival consists of umpteen sporting events, such as skating, skiing and tobogganing. Also, numerous special Easter plays and songs are organized in theatres and community halls across major Canadian cities.

The main Easter symbols that find a significant place in Easter traditions include Easter eggs, pussy willows, Easter lilies and Easter bunnies. People also prefer arranging family gatherings at various getaways in Canada. Some popular getaways include the Montmorency Falls Park, the splendid Niagara Falls, the charming Vitoria City and the scenic beaches of Vancouver Island. A number of delicious and sumptuous delicacies are also prepared, the main highlights being mustard-crusted lamb, maple baked beans, potatoes nicoise, cape Breton scones, apple tart and the Easter basket cake.

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