Progress Check

Hi Bill,Thanks for your — email.Your new —  badroom sounds great.Well, I have got a big bedroom, too but I share it with a Diego, my brother.Let me tell you about it.The walls in my room are light blue and an carpet is grey.We have got — TV and a CD player in our room The TV is big because we love whatching film.I’ve also got a amazing collection of DVDs.Well, that’s all for now.Write back and tell me about your hobbies.
1.The fridge is empty!
2.Don’t worry.I can go to a supermarket today.
3.We need an onion and the tomato for the recipe.
4.Have you got the pet?
5.Yes, I have.I’ve got a beautiful cat.
6.The man standing in the corner over there is Kate’s fatger.
7.Yes, I know.He is an Art teacher.
1.There are a lot of apples in the bowl.
2.I haven’t got a lot of money in my purse.
3.Farima has got  many friends.
4.There aren’t a lot of bananas in the fruit bowl.
5.There is much milk in the bottle.
6.Are there many pears on the tree.
7.There are a lot of people on the bus today.
8.Is there much sugar in the jar.
9.Are there a lot of children in the classroom?
10.We are late.We haven’t got much time.Hurry up.

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